Data Science and Custom Apps
How Materials Zone Empowers Data Scientists
The Challenges That Data Scientists Face:
Mission Statement - Become a Data Science Hero:

Use Data Aggregation, Standardization, and Consolidation Tools

Data aggregation: Feed data directly from external databases, scientific instruments at R&D facilities and production lines, teams, and so on directly into the MZ platform using automatic aggregation techniques. Data standardization: Map datasets, modify them, and make them consistent using MZ's parsers and data harmonization tools. Collect insights from available literature reviews to help speed up the process. Data consolidation: Integrate datasets into a single place, prepare them for analysis, and quickly discover significant insights.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Tools

Basic tools: Take advantage of MZ's basic AI/ML package, which offers advanced data overview tools. Research environment: Set up the ideal environment for your experimentations using MZ's materials discovery toolkit. Integrate existing descriptor sets into your models. CPU power per-demand: Utilize MZ's easy access to powerful VM instances in the cloud.

Create Dashboards and Custom Apps (Analysis Tools)

Build your own interactive dashboards that are hosted on MZ and continuously updated with new data. Build your own interactive apps hosted on MZ and distributed within your team to extract properties from measurements and upload them to the platform. Decide who has access to the dashboards and apps you build and on the user permissions.

Use Advanced Data Overview Tools

Receive an overview of all your datasets using the Overlay Dashboard. Compare sets and find how properties affect them. Explore properties using the Histogram Dashboard. See how they’re distributed inside datasets you add to the platform. Find relationships between various parameters in your datasets or data shared with you using the Correlation Dashboard. Estimate the relationships between parameters using Regression Analyses.

Utilize API Capabilities and Queries

Take advantage of the MZ Python library, REST API, and LabVIEW package that allows you to access the functionalities of the online platform programmatically. Upload batches of data to MZ in any format or from any possible database. Download data sets from MZ to analyze and query them using your preferred tools.

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