Security / DevOps Engineer (#02)

Materials Zone platform enables materials scientists and engineers to accelerate their research, discover new materials, use ML guidance to forecast outcomes, and achieve improved results. Our platform automatically harvests experimental data and structures it into a personalized database to enable analyses with state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms.

Our workforce is spread across several countries - Israel, the Netherlands, Ukraine and the US, with the headquarters based in Israel. This means at least some of the work, if not all (depending on your location), would be done remotely. This presents a unique opportunity for those who appreciate flexibility and working from home.

About the role:
Our development team currently has one developer who works part-time to set up and manage our Kubernetes clusters and CI/CD pipeline and improve the security aspects of our platform. We are looking for a Security / DevOps Engineer that, together with our existing engineer, will build a dedicated Infrastructure and Security team that will bring us to the next level in terms of scalability, deployment automation, security, and all other infrastructural aspects of our platform. Depending on the skills and preferences of the candidate, this role can be combined with a development role (see the Python Developer / Data Scientist and the Full Stack Developer positions).

- Manage the cloud infrastructure and the on-prem solution
- Continuously improve the Kubernetes clusters by, for example, adding better scaling options, logging, and monitoring tools
- Build and maintain the CI/CD pipelines (using Github actions and other related tools)
- Own all security aspects of the platform, including cloud configuration, VPN servers, firewalls, encryption, database, and hard drive backups
- Establish and document procedures regarding deployment and security
- Fill in security audit forms for enterprise clients
- Take charge of the technical aspects of processes for obtaining SOC2 reports, ISO27001 certification, and other standards required from the business side

- Experience with:
        Kubernetes cluster setup and management
        Infrastructure as code
        Microarchitecture design
        Google Cloud Platform
- 3+ years of experience in managing all security aspects of a web application and API
- Get-job-done attitude
- Great attention to details, organized and methodological approach
- Highly Independent, takes ownership of challenges, researching and recommending solutions
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Fluent in English
- A hands-on mentality

- Familiarity with SOC2, ISO27001, and similar standards
- Experience with Python and/or Javascript
- Experience with cloud providers other than GCP, e.g., AWS, Azure

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