Python Developer / Data Scientist (#03)

Materials Zone platform enables materials scientists and engineers to accelerate their research, discover new materials, use ML guidance to forecast outcomes, and achieve improved results. Our platform automatically harvests experimental data and structures it into a personalized database to enable analyses with state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms.

We are currently located in our Tel Aviv offices. However, we offer the option to work remotely, as long as it's in a European time zone (GMT+4 or less), for ideal communication with our team and customers.

About the role:
We are looking for a Python Developer / Data Scientist to join our development team. You will be joining a team of python developers, data scientists, web developers, and materials scientists to take our SaaS and on-prem solutions to the next level. The challenges you will be facing include: developing data analysis, visualization, and machine learning tools that will be incorporated into our platform, developing back end pipelines that automatically standardize data from different sources and prepare it for analysis and machine learning, help improve our codebase and infrastructure to make it more maintainable, reliable and scalable, and much more. As a startup, we encourage our employees to keep up-to-date with new technologies and bring fresh ideas to the table, and we are looking for people that are eager to learn and improve constantly. The projects you will be involved in are diverse, and there is a lot of room for you to influence your growth within the company. Depending on the skills and preferences of the candidate, this role can be combined with the Security / DevOps Engineer position.

- Design and develop new analyses, machine learning, and visualization tools for materials science data
- Improve the infrastructure of our platform so that we are always a step ahead of the business needs
- Work closely with our product, QA, and UI/UX team members
- Lead projects
- Support the junior developers, train new developers, share your expertise
- Maintain the code base as clean as possible by reviewing code, writing tests, refactoring legacy code
- Constantly improve our working practices

- Experience with Python development and familiarity with packages and frameworks such as Pandas, scikit-learn, Flask / FastAPI, Bokeh
- Experience in analyzing and visualizing large and complex data sets, preparing data for machine learning, and training and using machine learning models
- Experience working with SQL databases (e.g., PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB and Firebase Realtime Database)
- Familiarity with micro-service architectures
- Experience with agile development (e.g., Scrum)
- Get-job-done attitude, great attention to details, organized and methodological approach
- Highly Independent, takes ownership of challenges, researching and recommending solutions
- Team player, excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Fluent in English

- Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and setting up CI/CD pipelines (e.g., using Github actions)
- Experience with Web Development (e.g., HTML, CSS, Javascript, React)
- Experience with GCP (and AWS and Azure)

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