Materials Zone platform - From discovery to manufacturing

The future of materials science

How we revolutionize materials science research

Accelerate R&D

Discover new materials, use ML guidance to forecast outcomes, and achieve faster and improved results. Build a model on your way to production.

Scale-up to production

Test the limits of the model behind your products to design cost-efficient and robust production lines.

Reduce production failures

Use models to predict future failures based on supplied materials informatics and production line parameters.

Faster discovery, reduced costs

The Materials Zone platform aggregates data from independent entities, materials providers, factories, or manufacturing facilities, communicating between them through a secured platform.

By using machine learning (ML) algorithms on your experimental data, you can discover new materials with desired properties, generate ‘recipes’ for materials synthesis, build tools to analyze unique measurements automatically, and retrieve insights.

Designed for everyone, access from anywhere

Whether you’re in academia, a small business, or an enterprise- use our platform to host and review scientific data, conduct experiments, automate processes, and facilitate open innovation and collaboration alongside scientists and engineers worldwide.

The platform allows data funneling on-the-spot and on-the-go, from any mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Trusted by leading organizations and academic institutes

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