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Connected Research Data


The Global Platform for Connected Research Data

Consolidate insights from a sea of data

The Materials Zone innovative platform combines computational, experimental, and data tools to create a huge research network based on data where researchers can trade knowledge, samples, and services to innovate faster.

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Restructure data into dynamic & interoperable databases

The platform aggregates data from independent entities, raw materials providers, factories, or manufacturing facilities, communicating between them through a secure and rewarding platform that is composed of exchangeable data.

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Render AI/ML procedures on high-performance computing platforms

By using machine learning (ML) algorithms on your experimental data, discover new materials with desired properties, generate ‘recipes’ for materials synthesis, build tools to analyze unique measurements automatically and retrieve insights.

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Instant analytics & data dashboards

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools, collect data from information sources and create analytical or statistical models that correlate formulations with processing parameters of novel materials. By using active and customized dashboard panels, advanced visualization and presentation tools, interpret your data in the best possible way.

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Integrate your databases with the help of custom API services

Construct and design optimal panels and data uploading services that match your needs and fast-paced operations. The APIs allows you to instantly translate large sets of scattered information into clear and resuable objectives.

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Funnel data from any device or data source

Upload and analyze your essential data on-the-spot, or on-the-go, from a mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch, or personal computer. Start connecting various lab instruments and individual data instances to our platform.

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Inspired by the open-source community:

Provenance Tracking

Source data from the original creators, referring to the ownership chronology of their scientific work by mapping the origin/birthplace of discovery.

Sharing & Permission 

Simple and highly-controlled data sharing options for peers from all around the world to collaborate on grants, consortiums or just open science.

Reputation & Impact

Reward and acknowledge creators for their innovative data sets and overall continued contribution by using fair and non-complex impact rank formulas.

Address the information-entropy in research. Make sense out of it.

Enable a common scientific language that can cater to your research by using the materials zone apps, research and data services.