Materials Zone: Exciting Updates Await You

We've missed you at Materials Zone! There are some cool updates we think you'll enjoy. From a fresh look to exciting features, we've been busy making things even better. Come take a look and see what you've been missing. Your feedback means a lot to us, and we'd love to have you back.

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Your Data is Served!

Introducing “Table View”: you can now compare your data points and datasets in the most natural way possible! Users can select which items to include, which columns to view and easily arrange or filter the results to focus on what they are most interested in. With seamless in-line editing, users can now update directly within the table, making data input and editing a breeze!

See an item in the table you want more info about? With just a click, all of the item’s information is conveniently displayed in the sidebar, including instrument measurements, comments and linked information. A linked material in the table catches your eye? Switch it to the sidebar by simply clicking on it, straight from the table!

Finished arranging and filtering your table?  Switch to any of Materials Zone’s dashboards directly from the table to draw deeper insights into relationships and trends in your dataset.

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Never miss a beat

Pick up right where you left off with "Saved Views”! Users can now save a table or visualization for easy access in the future or sharing with colleagues.

All your personal saved views are accessible straight from the homepage, making it easy to catch up on changes, see how a project is moving along or plan your next experiment!

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New Data Visualization Dashboard: Violin Plot!

Relationships and trends between categorical and quantitative variables can be easily visualized with the new Violin Plot Dashboard. You can also share your discoveries from any of our data-visualization dashboards using the new "share insight" feature, which allows you to capture a "data snapshot" and forward it to your colleagues either by email or URL.

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