Materials Informatics Platform (MIP) revolution

Realizing AI/ML benefits in the materials/products industry is challenging with existing tools and processes.

MIP replaces legacy LIMS systems, ELN, statistical packages, spreadsheets and all the efforts to coordinate data science expertise into the workflow of materials scientists.

MIP is an all-in-one solution that automatically harvests materials data into an AI/ML-ready data structure that allows for easy data visualization and insights.

This automated combination facilitates a viable organizational platform that is used continuously and systematically for R&D, scale-up, manufacturing QC and supply chain decisions.

MaterialsZone - The Materials Informatics Platform (MIP)

Data Aggregation and Normalization

Funnel any data from various scientific instruments and manufacturing facilities into the platform. Automatically aggregate and normalize data from multiple sources, such as lab equipment devices, external databases, Excel sheets, literature, and more. Parse the data, standardize it, and visualize it using advanced tools.

Data Management & Advanced Search

Manage all of your data in one place and securely access it from anywhere. Create items, protocols, measurements and compile your materials research.
Use QR codes, labeling tools and advanced search to ensure you find your relevant data within seconds.

Data Visualisations

Funnel any data from various scientific instruments and manufacturing facilities into the platform with ease using MZ's automatic data collection techniques.
Parse the data, standardize it, and visualize it using advanced tools.

Collaboration & Sharing

Control the flow of data between users and teams by managing permissions and reputation schemes.
Perform any R&D research and take advantage of MZ’s attributions interfaces, and comments system.


Analyze your data automatically with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to create analytical and statistical models that correlate formulations with processing parameters of novel materials.
Interpret data in the best possible way by using active and customized dashboard panels, advanced visualization, and presentation tools.


Use customized apps that meet your research or company’s unique needs and save valuable R&D time.
Together with MZ's scientific team, design and manage apps that perform advanced calculations and analyses on large and sophisticated data sets.

Uniform Protocols

Create structured and reproducible protocols that describe your scientific experimentations in the research lab and manufacturing facility, and quickly share them with your team members.
Prepare your research for advanced AI/ML procedures and analyses using uniform and editable protocol templates, adjusted for your complex research requirements.

Acknowledgment & Provenance

Make sure your research work and data are correctly attributed and credited on the platform using MZ's provenance tools, that mark the historical chronology of digital ownership.
Understand how other researchers specifically use parts of your work and data, and where.

Activity Log

Keep track of your own and team's activities. Have a clear viewpoint of items created, protocols added, and measurements conducted.
Stay up to date with all relevant tasks and research progresses, and roll back activity changes using the detailed history view.


Translate large sets of scattered information into clear and reusable objectives using MZ's API (Application Programming Interface).
Upload your data using a fast-paced operation to construct and design optimal panels and services that match your research needs.

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