Manufacturing scale-up

After materials and products have been developed under lab conditions, it is time for manufacturing scale-up. 

Often, the conditions in the lab are difficult to replicate in mass-production. This is because a material or a product is not only a result of its formulation but also the conditions of the process and/or manufacturing sequence.

When manufacturing scale-up is attempted, the lab data needs to be cross-referenced with matching manufacturing data. Therefore, more data analysis needs to occur in cooperation between R&D and production operations folks.

During the manufacturing stabilization process, it is a good time to establish materials manufacturing QC (6 sigma) solutions based on the data and analysis collected during manufacturing scale-up.

The value proposition of MaterialsZone for manufacturing scale-up

  • Cut the number of trials and iterations to stabilize the new manufacturing process.. This results in reduced manufacturing scale-up costs and faster time to market.
  • Easy to cooperate and share data between R&D and manufacturing.
  • Focus on parameters (variables) that really matter.
  • Easy application of AI/ML visualizations, insights and predictions.
  • One platform, all the data, all the insights, all the stakeholders (R&D, scale-up, manufacturing QC, supply chain alternatives selection).

MaterialsZone solution for new manufacturing scale-up

Being able to share and analytically cross-reference materials and manufacturing process data is key to accelerating the manufacturing scale-up phase. This is what MaterialsZone enables very easily. The same MaterialsZone features that were used to develop the new product in the lab are now used for scaling up to mass production. Later the very same features can be leveraged to establish materials manufacturing QC with the same platform.

Other MaterialsZone solutions include:

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