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Your Data Security is Our Priority

At MaterialsZone, we are committed to protecting your data and maintaining the highest security standards. MaterialsZone is SOC2 Type II compliant, audited yearly by Ernest & Young (EY). Get in touch with us to obtain a copy of our SOC2 report.

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Securely hosted on the cloud

Built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Our platform is built on the secure foundation of GoogleCloud, guaranteeing top-tier data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Data encryption

Encryption at Rest: GCP automatically encrypts stored data for robust security.

Encryption in Transit: Our services employ industry-standard protocols like TLS/SSL toencrypt data during transit, shielding it from eavesdropping and interception.

Data Segregation and Access Control

Data Segregation: Our platform uses strong authentication and authorization to keepclient data separate and accessible only to authorized personnel within the client's organization.

Access Control: Our access control system grants client administrators precise dataaccess control.

Data Backup and Recovery

Multi-Region Data Backups: We safeguard against data loss by securely backing upclient data in multiple regions, ensuring redundancy and recovery readiness in the faceof hardware failures or regional incidents.

Disaster Recovery Plan: Our platform boasts a robust disaster recovery plan to minimizedowntime and data loss during unforeseen events, regularly tested for reliability.

Auditing and Monitoring

We track all activities with Audit Logs to spot unusual behavior.
Our platform relies on Cloudflare WAF Protection with advanced threat detection to guard against DDoS attacks, SQL injection, and XSS.
Routine vulnerability scanning strengthens our defenses against emerging threats.
Penetration testing mimics real attacks to bolster our security resilience, with certified testers addressing vulnerabilities promptly.

Scalability and Reliability

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We scale seamlessly with a microservice architecture through Kubernetes, ensuringuninterrupted access and optimal performance.

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Continuous performance monitoring upholds our platform's reliability, swiftly addressing potential issues for uninterrupted operation.

Internal Policies and Access to Production Systems

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Comprehensive policies and security by design principles drive our commitment to data protection and reliability.

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Strict access controls, role-based permissions, and rigorous authentication measures safeguard our production systems.

MaterialsZone’s security partners

Download MaterialsZone security white paper

Download the white paper